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Latest projects

Insert Valve Development and Offers

International Flow Technologies, Inc. (IFT) has had a crucial role in the development of the Insert Valve. IFT worked alongside the design engineers to help create a resilient seated insertion valve of simple design that meets and/or exceeds the AWWA C515 specification. Easy to install into pipeline systems without a shut down and capable of handling working pressures up to +250psi, this valve changes the course of insertion valve technology. We offer installation of 4", 6", 8", 10" & 12" onto Steel, PVC, C-900, Cast-Iron, Ductile-Iron and A/C by utilizing interchangeable side glands that mate the valve body to the pipeline.

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Other Insertion Valves

International Flow received a call from Rancho Water Company in Temecula, CA about their pipeline that had no pipe to perform a Linestop except a 24" 90 degree elbow. It was a fabricated sectional elbow as well! !

The 24" Plug valve was seized in the closed position, with no way to isolate, and the only option was to bypass the operational sewage plant.

Seeing the importance of this valve replacement, International Flow laid out the easiest way to isolate the 24" pressurized sewage elbow without building specialized machinery. Another concern of IFT was to check the inside of the pipe for the possibility of it being filled with solids making it hard to install a linestop mechanism. The condition of the pipe was checked by sending a measuring probe through a test hot tap and the line seemed to be full of sewage, but only 20% solids were resting on the bottom of the pipe. So the operation was full steam ahead!

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Insert Valve Videos


TEAM Insert Valve Demo Video

Unique Features

  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/AWWA C515 valve specification
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/AWWA C 550 Standards and ANSI/NSF 61
  • AWWA standard turns per inch to open
  • Gate wedge seats on valve body, not on pipe bottom
  • Gate wedge does not come in contact with sharp cut edge of pipe
  • Ductile Iron body with nominal 10 mil power coat epoxy inside and out
  • 250psig (1273 kPa) Maximum working pressure
  • Shell tested to 1000 psi, Gate tested to 500 psi
  • Ductile Iron wedge totally encapsulated with EPDM molder rubber
  • Triple O'ring seal stuffing box (two upper & one lower)
  • 2" standard operating nut (Handwheel optional) NRS ( non-rising stem)
  • Standard valve body installs on full range of pipe sizes and types (Steel, PVC, C900, CL, DI, AC)
  • Made in the USA from start to finish
  • Valve body permanently restrains the valve to the pipe
  • The valve body can accept the Butterfly Cartridge in lieu of the gate assembly
  • Hundreds of successful installs without a single malfunction (references available)
  • The valve size is 4"-12" and other sizes available upon request


Benefits of each installation

  • Installs and Repairs Under Pressure
  • Reduces Costly Risks Associated with Shut Downs
  • Reduces installation and restoration costs
  • Provides instant isolation zones for security and peace of mind
  • Reduces the costly risks associated with system shut down
  • Eliminates backflow contamination, purging, bac-t hits
  • Provides satisfied customers